Wednesday, 29 January 2014

"January" 2014 Book-A-Day Challenge!


             Last year, I attempted to be a book blogger and I failed miserably. I posted quite a bit in the summer but after that my blog went dormant. Now that it's 2014 (well a month into 2014), I have decided to revive my blog because truth be told, I do enjoy writing and posting here. 

               While browsing instagram, I found a blogger called booksarelovex3 and I saw that for January she created a challenge called the BookADay Challenge. Unfortunately, I didn't see this at the beginning of January but now just as February approaches. Nonetheless, I'm still going to do it (on my blog and not instagram) but I'm going to call it the February 2014 Book-A-Day Challenge! Since February only has 28 days this year and this challenge was created with January in mind (so 31 posts), I can do either one of two things; start the challenge today and do 3 posts in January before going into Feb or emit 3 of the days from the challenge that I may have a hard time finding something for. Since I am lazy and doing the latter requires forethought, I'll probably do the former. 

The Challenge!
                      There you have it, the February Book-A-Day Challenge. If you haven't done it but wish to, we can do it together! Drop me a comment below :)

Until next time, toodles :) xo

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