Saturday, 13 July 2013

30 Facts About Me!

Hey there, 

     This post is going to be different from the ones I have recently been posting. I thought I would do something more about me for a change and what better way to do that than to post a bunch of facts, eh?! I had to do some serious thinking when coming up with this list which is just sad and pathetic. Come on, how hard is it to write 50 facts about yourself? Well apparently it is hard. Anyway, let's jump  right into it. 

1) I want to get an eyebrow piercing- I remember seeing a picture of a woman with one as a child and thinking how cool it looked. 10 years on and nothing has changed. Unfortunately, not even my mother's stance :( I remember telling her this as a child and receiving the most scandalised look, I could almost hear her thinking "What sort of people does my child associate with? Where is the nearest boot camp?"

2) When I am buying something from a store, I'll always pick up the product behind the first one. I don't really know how this started but I never got rid of it. It had something to do with a younger me thinking that the first has gotten all felt up and it has been exposed to the elements so the ones behind it were "safer". Logically, they all have to get "felt up" in order to get stacked on the shelf so go figure.

3) I am definitely not an animal person. I believe them to be smarter than me and the inability of us to successfully communicate intimidate me. 

4) Johnny Depp is my favourite actor.

5) I strongly believe that life exists elsewhere in this massive universe. It can't be just us, right?

6) Even though I am not a fan of most animals up close, I would have to say that I hold a special detestation for snakes. The mere thought of them crawls my skin and I dread ever coming into contact with one. Lord help me if it is an inland taipan or viper. 
I would also like to take a minute to appreciate Mother Nature going out of her way to make sure that most of the deadliest snakes are found in an isolated and mysterious place called Australia. 

7) I collect different patterns of funky socks and I'd say my collection is pretty impressive. 

8) I love the smell of coffee and all things coffee flavoured but not the actual coffee. 

9) My favourite childhood book was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. Willy Wonka's factory was fantasy world I dream of visiting. I remember there being these sweets called nerds by a brand called Wonka (see pic below) and I spent a time under the illusion that they were somehow related. But don't worry, big brothers exist to squash happy delusions like these. 
Another favourite of mine was the The Faraway Tree series by Enid Blyton. That one set the imaginative wheels in my brain going. 

The infamous nerds.

10) As you can probably tell from my previous fact and my blog, I have always loved reading and still do. Asking me to choose my favourite book is like asking a parent to choose their favourite child. That's not entirely accurate but you get my point.

11) The worst injury I have ever had was a sprained ankle. *knock on wood*

12) I am blessed to able to say that I have never had someone I was close to me die in my lifetime.

13) Continuing on that depressing note, I actually cannot remember the last funeral I went to. 

14) I can't imagine me living in just one country for the rest of my life. 

15) The toilet, shower and in bed before I go to sleep are where I have the deepest, most profound thoughts on life.

16) I have no allergies that I know of :)

17) I love paintings. In my future home, I hope to have a big collection of paintings all over the house. I love the look of little ornaments (when chosen carefully) but they are such a pain in the you know where to dust. I can barely can keep my room in order, I don't think I could keep pointless little ornaments. 

18) I prefer even numbers over odd numbers.

19) I like to bake in my free time but the cleaning up process is such a pain in the rectum.

20) I often find myself wishing my life was a musical so I could burst into a song and all the people surrounding me would join in but alas, people do not work that way. 

21) I love using the word alas :-)

22) I have a deep appreciation for puns.

23) I have been told many times that I am more mature than people my age which after told, I could actually see. Because of this, I can sometimes find it hard to relate to people my age :(

24) When I was a little girl, I wanted to be an astronaut, explorer, garbage collector or gutter cleaner. I earned another scandalised look from my mother when I mentioned the last two to her. 

25) I absolutely love watching plays and theatre performances but unfortunately, there is not much available in Barbados.

26) The only special talent that I know I have is the ability to fake burp. So lady like, I know...

27) I am terrified of clowns. It all started when I mistakenly ended up watching half of the movie IT which is based on the novel by Stephen King when I was really young (like 4 or something). Yupp, if you know what that is you would understand. If not, it was basically about this clown who went around killing little children. Ugh, just the thought of that movie sends shivers down my spine. I remember this scene where the clown shows up in the shower and this other one with it in a drainage thing on the sidewalk. 

28) I generally like change. Not bad change but just change. Except facebook changes because they always seem to suck. 

29) I want to travel the world :D

30) And finally, you following this blog would make me really happy :)

If you made it to the end, kudos to you. If any of these things also describe you, let me know via the comments or a message. I would love to know :) 

Until next time, toodles :) xoxo

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